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The Lord’s Supper

We celebrate Communion to in remembrance of what Jesus has done for us, and to proclaim His death on March 13,2016.  Anyone who has proclaimed Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior is welcome to participate in The Lord’s Supper.


Korean Class Prep meeting​

There will be a preparatory meeting for the impending Korean Classes on March 6, 2016.  The Grace Baptist Church is planing on offering Korean language classes for anyone whom would like to learn Korean language.  The classes are to open on Sundays at 1pm to 3pm. Please pray that this class would be a great tool of mission for church and that it is an opportunity for students to learn Korean language while open their hearts to the love of Christ.

annual Bowling Outing​

Grace Baptist Church invites you to Brunswick Zone on Sunday, March 20, 2pm to 4pm at 1555 West 75th Street
Woodridge.  Whether you are a novice, a pro or always wanted to try bowling you are invited as a time to get to know each other and fellowship.  Please provide final count needed by the end of service on March 20.

JOIN US, em Ministry MOVIE Night!! ​

English Ministry will meet at the Grace Baptist Church at 6:30pm on Friday, March 25 for movie and pizza.  Middle school student, high school, college age, and any one else would like to join are welcome!

EM Ministry meets every Friday evening at Grace Baptist Church.  We pray, play instruments and sing, have a game and develop a sense of community through fellowship.   

Mexico Mission Trip​

Grace Baptist Church Short-term Ministry Team will serve at a church in Mexico on July 4, 2016 to July 8, 2016. During the stay, we will provide various services and activities, through the local church. Registration for this mission is due on April 10th and fees are $200 per youth and 300 per adult.    

EM Service at 10am​

The English Ministry (EM) meets English-speaking worship services on Sundays at 10am at the Grace Baptist Church Main Worship Hall. 

Grace Baptist Church Team
The Grace Baptist Church has an enthusiastic staff who believe deeply in its mission and work tirelessly to ensure a bright future for the church. with your continued support and prayers and the staff's varied skills and backgrounds we work together in serving as stewards of The Grace Baptist Church..

Brother Gene has been serving the English Ministry 



English Ministry  

English Ministry Pastor



Pastor Lee has been serving the English Ministry at Grace Baptist Church along with Pastor Peter LeBlanc. ​

English Ministry Pastor



Pastor Peter LaBlanc has been serving the English Ministry at Grace Baptist Church along with Pastor Paul Lee  LeBlanc. ​



Rev. Jeong Ho Choi has found the church in 1986 and has been leading the Grace Baptist Church for the past twenty nine years.

Head Ministry Pastor

  • 07/04/16 Maxico Mission Trip 
  • 06/19/16 - Father's Day Service
  • 05/08/16 - Mother's Day Service 
  • 04/03/16 - Rev Choi Lectures in Mexico
  • 03/27/16  6 a.m - Easter Sunday Prayer Service
  • 03/27/16 11 a.m - Easter Sunday Service
  • 03/25/16 6:30 p.m - Movie & Pizza Night
  • 03/20/16 - Grace Bowling Fellowship
  • 03/13/16 11 a.m - The Lord’s Supper 
  • 08/00/16  - Upcoming Youth Camp
  • 05/00/16  - Upcoming Annual Golf Outing


There are various events scheduled and feel free to contact the church information line at (630) 479-9043 for further details.

Join our English-speaking ministry group for youth group, middle and high school students but also for any English speaking adults. 

We encourage you to develop relationships with fellow members at the Grace who love God and are committed to His principles. 

Join us to participate in making great music with EM Friday or together with the conductor and fellow singers

Grace Baptist Church Korean Baptist Church, Christian Church, we believe the Bible to be the revealed Word of God, fully and verbally inspired of God. ...




English Ministry

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